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About us

This website is dedicated to the life and legacy of David Eden Lane, one of the greatest men of our time. You will find Davids work in many languages and if you do not find the articles in the language you speak maybe you can help us? 

We are looking for people to translate David's work into all possible languages so that his important teachings and wisdom can be learnt and embraced by all white people across the globe.

If you have the time to translate articles even one then please contact a member of the team the14words_ro@yahoo.com

We thank you for taking time to view the site and if you can offer any help, donations or skills to the website please contact us.

We hope you enjoy the articles and hope that you will forward what you learn to others because David has a message for the white race as a whole. An important message that must reach as many of our folk as possible before it is too late.