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European Friendship !

The folk, namely the members of the race, are the Nation. Racial loyalties must always supersede geographical and national boundaries. If this is taught and understood, it will end fratricidal wars. Wars must not be fought for the benefit of another race." David Lane

We fight against chauvinism!!!!
We fight the system!!!!

Declaration against chauvinism and asocial behaviour in our lines
Last affairs from not long ago brought us to solve problem of chauvinism and antisocial behavior of people who considers themselves a nationalist . It´s evident, that these people really dont know anything about idea of nationalism , and we shall think about them same, like about those who have nothing to do with us. Forget neverending compromises and forgiveness, which bring us to disunity, quarrels and bad public mind.
Chauvinism in nations is eternal, but we can eradicate it from our lines and we can finally show, that we have no problem with out past. We live in time full of persecutions against us and our ideals. Instead of unity, we better fight each other on events which are organised to boost the unity of European nations. Its sad, that by sound of songs about unity, just few meters from stage fight Slovak with Hungarian, German with Pole etc. just because of borders, which dont belongs to those, who gave their lives by their defence. Puppets of the system are moved with alien not european fingers and out disunity just helps to this theatre called democracy.
Such events are allowed for people, who have nothing common with us and their alcoholic spectacles are good for dirtiest and worst tavern. In future it´s impossible for intelligent person, to bring on such event persons who looks like junkies or homeless, just because of long years of friendship. With our direct attitude we must show to all, that ideals of national socialism are worth of noble behavior, discipline and unity of people with heart on the right place.
What we want to achieve is unity of the most intelligent people and organizations in every country which can support us in our declaration against chauvinism and antisocials in our ranks. We want, that european unity will be not just phrase somewhere on paper or in lyrics of music bands, but it must become real outlines with activities against violators in our lines.
Enough is enough and we, signed below will not just watch when our noble ideal will be disrated and destroyed with neverending compromises.